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Thanks for ordering “BOOM 1” !

Buying dance music direct from independant artists keeps the scene alive – and thats great news for anyone whos a fan of music that goes “BOOM !” in the night 🙂

As a special “thanks” for hooking up with the Bell and the Boom Box Crew, were offering you the Albums “BOOM 1” and “BOOM 2” together as a special offer fans only double album package: “BOOM! – Deluxe”.

“BOOM! – Deluxe” includes  12 tracks from “BOOM 2” as well as all the 10 tracks from “BOOM 1” for just an extra €4.99. Thats a total of 22 tracks for € 9.98! Both albums are not currently on general release, that means they´re not available on i-Tunes, Spotify, Deezer or anywhere else. That means you can get all those juicy tracks at a cool price ahead of the pack 🙂


No thanks, I’d like to pass on this special “fans only” special offer and proceed with getting my download links.