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Are You Givin up on LOVE ?

Givin up - House music track

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Some times #Love hurts – are you thinking of Giving Up? However your Lovelife is going – don´t forget to sign up to our Mailing list (on the right, or in our Bio) You get some tracks of the new album in return, as well as special offers, news and more 🙂


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You need to look after your subwoofer – too much bass on a punchy House track will melt your speakers 🙂 “Oliver, Oliver, darling. Call Mister Haynie, I think our speakers are blown.” “No, no Lisa. Call M.C. A.D.E.” “A.D.E. Dahrling, who’s A.D.E.?”

Have you ever spent lots of time on someone………?

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Have you ever spent lots of time on someone….and discovered later that it was a waste of time??? I gues swe all have at some point in our lives… This track is about that situation – enjoy! You can pick up the track on the “BOOM 1” Album HERE

House Music is Pulsing

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House Music is Pulsing. This track takes that fact as a theme and throws a nice vibey Vocal into the mix along with a squelchy tortured TB303 line to acid things up nicely :). You can pick up the track on the “BOOM 1” Album HERE . Hope u guys enjoy the ride.

“I Dont Know”

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  Hey! we thought you super fans might like a vid to add some visual delight to the BLOG – so here we go its a vid we did for the track “I Don´t Know” – Enjoyski 🙂 You can pick up the track on the “BOOM 1” Album HERE  

The ROOTS of Belle and the Boom Box

A Picture of Belle

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Eat –  Rave – Rinse – Repeat – The explosion of Electronic Dance Music over the decades is breathtaking. What probably started simultaneously in the electronic music workshops of pioneers like Stockhausen, the dark and smokey dens of Reggae Dub Producers like Lee Perry or later with more up-tempo robotics in the studio of Kraftwek […]