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Feed back keeps our House Music moovin onOne of the coolest things about making music is when someone hears a track of ours and loves it. The thing is though, often, a musician has no idea what people think about the music unless a fan tells them (derrr)!

The coolest thing is when somebody takes the time to make a constructive comment on a blog, or reply to a twitter, or insta or whatever. That sort of thing makes our day and makes it all worthwhile!

We wanted to make ravey music to party to. We make some tracks more “underground” and some a bit more “radio / Mainstream”. It just depends how the feeling develops as the track comes together in the studio. The best thing is when someone gives us the feeling that were on the right track and hitting the right buttons with comments like these:

“Takes me back to old warehouse parties 20 years ago. I love it!”

“just to say I love your music. It takes me back to my clubbing days when I lived in LA. Great memories :)”

“This is Wavey as F**K – Massive Compliment 🙂 🙂 :)”

Heres a big THANXXXX to all of you who took time to get involved with our social media!

If YOU want to check out some more of our sounds and see if they ring YOUR bell – you can preview all the tracks on our album “BOOM 1” HERE

Oh – and here´s the LINK to our FREE DOWNLOAD called “Screamer!” WARNING! – its a bit, well – LOUD ´N´RAVEY 🙂 Hope u guys enjoy it.

Catch up soon,

your partners in Raveyness

Belle and the Boom Box.

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